Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This post is all about winners. First, our winner from the Style Lately Giveaway..... is.... Meaghann!

Next we will announce the WINNER of Modest Fashionistas Season 1. All our Fashionistas were AMAZING, and they were so fun to work with! They made season 1 a success!

Our Runner Up is Diedre from Love the Skinny's

And our Winner is.... are you excited? cause I am! Mega of Dress up on a Cloudy Day

Here are our honorable mentions

We are now doing 
Casting calls for Season 2
of Modest Fashionistas

if you are interested email us at ReachRealityBlogger@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Style Lately Giveaway

Today we are excited to introduce you to Style Lately
Style Lately brings you all the latest trends and accessories for a great price
and today they are giving away 3 pieces of jewelry on Modest Fashionistas

First is the Colored Azura Earrings to add a pop of color to your outfit!
Next is the Elegant Turquoise Bracelet for those of you obsessed with turquoise.
And Finally there is the Ellie Bubble Necklace. This is the newest style bubble necklace, and is a must have for all wardrobes

Style Lately does so much more then just jewelry

They also do tops and bottoms. They also have a fun other section, where you might find purses, bags, shoes, head bands, iPhone cases, amongst other trendy items

You should also follow them through on your favorite social media
They are always offering fun giveaways like this one they did last month

We are so honored to have Style Lately do a giveaway for us, enter below using Rafflecopter 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Season 1 FINALE - Week 6 - THREE ways to wear ONE item

This season has been so fun! We have been so inspired and have received some great advice from our fashionistas. We are finishing the season with a BANG! The theme, "3 ways to wear 1 item" 

Enjoy! Voting for all 6 weeks will be open until August 8th

3 ways to wear a Dress
Personally I was most excited for this final challenge! I'm a big fan of mixing and matching items and trying to work with items I already have in my closet. I decided I wanted to show 3 different ways to wear a little white dress. I know everyone has heard of the term "little black dress" but I personally think that everyone should own a "little white dress" for summer. This dress is beyond comfortable and super flattering. It's been really challenging finding modest dresses that fit my new postpartum figure but this Lulu*s dress fits me perfect in all the right areas. 
Look #1 is perfect for a hot date. I think light gray and white are a perfect color combination for a cool summer's night. I decided to vamp things up and accessorize with bright red lips and heels.
Look #2 is a great semi casual look. I wore the dress as a skirt and just had to worry about wearing a top that would also work for nursing my little babe.
Look #3 is an awesome day look. I wore this outfit to go shopping. I personally can't wear heels for more than a couple hours so this is where my handy dandy salt waters came in. This back also works as a really stylish diaper bag.

3 ways to wear a Skirt
From evening to day, from summer to winter, this skirt is one of my favorites. Incredibly versatile and goes with almost anything. A good a-line skirt is a staple to any girls closet, I especially love mine in the leather. Blog * Instagram * Facebook * Pinterest

3 ways to wear a Chambray
The Chambray is one of the most versatile fashion items I own. You can dress it up or you can dress it down.  I'm showing you the chambray three ways - but there are definitely more than three options. Put it under, wear it over, tie it up... you name it, you can wear it. There are lots of options for this button up top and they all look awesome and stylish, no matter where you are! Check out more chambray styling over at Love, The Skinnys.

3 ways to wear a T-Shirt
Stripes are ridiculously versatile. A simple striped top can be transformed into numerous different looks, and here are just a few of them.
1) Pairing it with a blazer, scarf and jeans (see post here).

This in itself can be taken in numerous different directions by using different colors blazers and scarves.
2) Tuck it into a high-waisted skirt (see post here).
3) Layer it under a chambray button up.
You can change this up by using almost any button up.
To see other ways I styled my striped t-shirt go to my post 9 Ways to Wear a Striped Tee

3 ways to wear a Jacket
My green army jacket is one of my favorite clothing pieces of all time. I wear it all year round- layered to class, the movies, and even shopping. Whether your personal style is cool, chic, or girly, a green army jacket should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. You can check out all three of my outfits on my blog, Sealed With Style. (www.sealed-with-style.com) I'd love to hear which look is your favorite! 

3 ways to wear a Hat
I had been searching for the perfect black wool hat for FOREVER! I had purchased two online that I liked but they weren't quite what I wanted. There was a city wide garage sale and I found this little gem for $4! It has quickly become my favorite go to hat. I can dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans or add a little extra to a nice dress or skirt. What's even better it can work for any season!! Perfect wardrobe staple.

3 ways to wear a Dress
I absolutely love this dress. It's comfortable and fits well, it's cool for the summer and easy to layer. I love that I can throw a blouse over the top or add a blazer and I can totally change the look.
~Sophie (sisters 4)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WEEK 5 - Polka Dots

So many fun ways to wear POLKA DOTS! Which is your favorite? Vote on the left column now!

Polka dots are so easy for me to love. These polka dot jeans I found at Walmart of all places and find them so easy to wear with anything! I love mixing prints or just wearing a basic tee with them. They add that extra umph to an otherwise very basic scheme.

Polka dots are easily one of my favorite prints to wear. Polka dots are one of the easiest prints to pull off and are appropriate for all ages. I'm personally a fan of small white polka dots as you can see in my fedora and blouse.

So apparently I don't own a dot to save my life!!! I borrowed this dotted number from my mother, who years ago stole it out of my closet... {I might steal it back} I feel a polka dot is as good as a neutral... Wear them with everything! ~Selina

Polka Dots- such a classic and timeless print. I feel that it was the perfect print for this vintage style dress. Blog * Instagram * Facebook * Pinterest

Most of my polka items are a little more loose fitted, that way the dots don't stretch weird depending on where it lands on my body. Besides that little tidbit, when I wear polka dots I like to keep my other items of clothing simple and solid. Polka dot top? Solid colored leggings. Polka dot skirt? Simple coordinating top. Let the dots speak for themselves!

I'm a total polka dot girl. It's a very versatile print that can add a lot of dimension to almost any outfit. Here I paired a neutral polka dot cardigan with some bright jeans for a little extra pop! See all the different ways I incorporate polka dots into my outfits here on my blog!

Dots and denim? Count me in! I love polka dots; they can make any outfit fun and a little quirky. I love this chambray shirt with polka dots because it can go with literally anything, all year round! Now that's my kind of shirt! Check out this full look on my blog, Sealed With Style.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, July 15, 2013

WEEK 4 - High Heels & Casual Wear

This week is how to wear high heels with casual wear, along with some fun stories and advice from our wonderful FASHIONISTAS!!!

If you know me, then you know I am such a shoe girl. I love heels especially! My rule for heels: there is no rule. You can wear them with anything, even a graphic tee and slouchy jeans or boyfriend shorts. I love that I can wear this look with sneakers for errands during the day, and switch up the look with heels for night. To see this full post, check out my site Sealed With Style!  www.sealed-with-style.com

Not going to lie. This challenge was a little more "challenging" for me. I'm not a heels person. At all! Which is funny cuz I'm a ballroom dancer but I honestly just don't wear heels. I do like these ones though. The nude color makes them a wardrobe essential and can add that extra femininity to any outfit.

I'm not one to wear heels often and would much rather wear flats or boots any day. However, these heels are one of the only pairs that I can walk around in for more than a short duration of time. I decided to go for an all pastel look and dressed this casual look up with nude heels and a fan fringe necklace!

my cardinal rule {besides, mascara, mascara, mascara} is heels always work, ALWAYS!
taller? yes please! longer legs? dont mind if i do! pretty shoes? best part of a look!
of all of my sisters i am the one who wears the heels in the most ridiculous places.... {a cross country meet for example, i don't want to talk about it} always to the grocery store, and to pick up my kids from school... heels are better than an anti-depressant in my book and in this particular instance, they dressed up my pajamas quite nicely... when all you want to do is roll out of bed, pull  jeans on over your leggings throw on a blazer {to hide the fact that you where too lazy to put on a bra} put a "dirty-hair hat" on your noggin and fabulous heels on your feet! its the perfect lazy girls guide to a fab outfit!

Despite usually towering over my friends and family without shoes, I love my heels. While heels are typically paired with more formal outfits, I love wearing them with casual clothing because it really elevates a simple outfit. Here I paired them with jeans that I bleached myself for a cute and casual vibe.

I often wear heels with casual wear, it's a day to day staple for me. When worn correctly it can be incredibly chic. Blog * Instagram * Facebook * Pinterest

I love dressing up jeans and a graphic tee. It adds a little sass to casual wear. With this look I wanted to show off my pageant girl so I paired my Miss America tee with my fully rhinestoned heels to give it that full glitz (Toddlers and Tiara's anyone) look. In general I always go for unique heels - patterns, colors, style. The bolder the better!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WEEK 3 - Black & White

It is Week 3 of the competition. This week the Fashionistas are showing us how to wear BLACK AND WHITE

VOTE for your favorite outfit over on the Left Side Bar. *Voting for all outfits closes on Aug 8, 2013 @ Midnight

I usually love the starkness of black and white, but for a fun twist, I softened the sharp contrast between colors by adding a little gray here

When black and white prints became a hot thing recently, I might have been the happiest girl ever. Black and white is so timeless and classic, but I always want to incorporate some sort of fun twist. A black and white flower print? Yes please! To see more pictures and the full post, check it out here.

As you can see from all my outfits so far, I am loving dresses and skirts. They're comfortable and cool for the summer. Can anyone guess what item is NOT thrifted in my outfit? Yep, that's right. There's only one. Go find out at Run Style Run!

I've been very busy this week so this look is coming from my archives. The classic black and white look is one of my all time favorites. I like to deviate with a little bit of color in order to make my accessories stand out.

I love the black and white trend because it is easy and effortless. I wore this outfit on a date with my hubby. The great thing about it is most everyone has black and white in their wardrobe so its just a matter of pairing stuff together. ~Sophie (sister #2) saymoreismore.blogspot.com

I love black and white, it's classic and you can't really go wrong. This outfit was very 40's to me (which I LOVE) with the pop of red and the pearls it felt like I'd stepped out of an old movie.

When I do a black and white outfit - print, solid, or block - I love to add a pop of color somehow. Little black dress? Add some emerald jewelry. Black pants, black and white top? Add some red shoes. Black and white print dress with a grey blazer? I added my statement teardrop necklace in mint. It adds just enough pow without overwhelming the print.