Monday, July 15, 2013

WEEK 4 - High Heels & Casual Wear

This week is how to wear high heels with casual wear, along with some fun stories and advice from our wonderful FASHIONISTAS!!!

If you know me, then you know I am such a shoe girl. I love heels especially! My rule for heels: there is no rule. You can wear them with anything, even a graphic tee and slouchy jeans or boyfriend shorts. I love that I can wear this look with sneakers for errands during the day, and switch up the look with heels for night. To see this full post, check out my site Sealed With Style!

Not going to lie. This challenge was a little more "challenging" for me. I'm not a heels person. At all! Which is funny cuz I'm a ballroom dancer but I honestly just don't wear heels. I do like these ones though. The nude color makes them a wardrobe essential and can add that extra femininity to any outfit.

I'm not one to wear heels often and would much rather wear flats or boots any day. However, these heels are one of the only pairs that I can walk around in for more than a short duration of time. I decided to go for an all pastel look and dressed this casual look up with nude heels and a fan fringe necklace!

my cardinal rule {besides, mascara, mascara, mascara} is heels always work, ALWAYS!
taller? yes please! longer legs? dont mind if i do! pretty shoes? best part of a look!
of all of my sisters i am the one who wears the heels in the most ridiculous places.... {a cross country meet for example, i don't want to talk about it} always to the grocery store, and to pick up my kids from school... heels are better than an anti-depressant in my book and in this particular instance, they dressed up my pajamas quite nicely... when all you want to do is roll out of bed, pull  jeans on over your leggings throw on a blazer {to hide the fact that you where too lazy to put on a bra} put a "dirty-hair hat" on your noggin and fabulous heels on your feet! its the perfect lazy girls guide to a fab outfit!

Despite usually towering over my friends and family without shoes, I love my heels. While heels are typically paired with more formal outfits, I love wearing them with casual clothing because it really elevates a simple outfit. Here I paired them with jeans that I bleached myself for a cute and casual vibe.

I often wear heels with casual wear, it's a day to day staple for me. When worn correctly it can be incredibly chic. Blog * Instagram * Facebook * Pinterest

I love dressing up jeans and a graphic tee. It adds a little sass to casual wear. With this look I wanted to show off my pageant girl so I paired my Miss America tee with my fully rhinestoned heels to give it that full glitz (Toddlers and Tiara's anyone) look. In general I always go for unique heels - patterns, colors, style. The bolder the better!


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