Monday, June 24, 2013

WEEK 1 - Mixing Prints

Welcome to Week One of the competition. This week Fashionistas challenge was Mixing Prints!
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"Go bold or go home" is often my moto. I love print mixing and sometimes I go a little overboard. I thought that was the case with this outfit, but I ended up loving it later. See more HERE
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 Mixing prints is all about confidence. Pick an item with a print you love, but most of all that you love on you! Once you are confident in one print pairing it with another is no big deal. This striped skirt is one of my go-to items - see how I create a business professional look for work here. Because I love how it looks so much I feel like I can pair it with any item for any look. See more about this outfit here


Print mixing is one of those things that fashion magazines often make sound more intimidating than they actually are. It’s really quite simple. In this outfit, I stuck with a similar color palette and played with the scale of prints by combining a small polka dot with a larger floral. This is only one of many ways to pull together a great print mixing outfit, and you can look here to find other tips for print mixing and some fantastic examples from other bloggers.

Sometimes mixing prints can be challenging, but you can never go wrong with stripes and leopard. My trick for mixing patterns is to incorporate a print into your shoe or handbag so it's not overpowering the other print. For more styling tips and to see this full outfit post, head over to my blog Sealed With Style.

 Little House on the Prairie meets the 21st Century...hehe. I like this look because it is unique, comfortable, and ties in a few of my favorite pieces. Visit  Run Style Run for more details on my thrifty mixed print outfit. I also just did the Mixed prints theme for a Coast to Coast challenge I like to participate with through instagram  HERE.(floral, leopard, and polkadot)

One of the easiest prints to mix are stripes, I went for a very subtle mixed print look and unified my outfit by color. You can do a fair share of mixing stripes with pretty much everything from, polka dots, animal print, floral print, and even other stripes! I believe that pattern mixing is in the eye of the beholder and that anyone can wear mixed prints. Visit Dearest Lou to see more of my outfits.

Hey it's Selina, sister #1 from Sisters4. Sophie and I love mixing prints over on our bloggity blog, but of the four of us I would nominate Sophie as the print mixing queen... she always manages to thrift these grandma prints that she will expertly mix with a modern print and, poof! ...I am stealing her outfit! What are sisters for am I right?
So, do you want to know the secret? Well, OUR secret! We just pretend!
We start with one print and "pretend" it's either jeans, or a white tee (depending on if its a top or a bottom) it immediately cancels out your fear of print! I mean, you have to be a serious pretender, but it totally makes you brave! Come visit us and see what other shenanigans we're up to on
~ Selina, Sophie, Livi & Elise

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  1. So fun!! I love this competition!! :) I am pattern mixing on my blog today too!!

  2. I featured your blog on my page. I loved look 4.