Sunday, June 30, 2013

WEEK 2 - Dress Series

It is Week 2 of the competition. This week challenged the Fashionistas to show us a Dress and give us some advice.
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When I wear a dress I want it to show my feminine side. It is an opportunity to let my hair down, put my heels on, and add some jewelry. Whether it is an a-line or a fitted cocktail - a dress is an opportunity to be a woman, and that is my favorite part.

I love how easy and comfortable dresses can be! This particular dress I bought because I loved the print and then rehemmed to just above knee length so it would be more flattering. I think just above knee-length is probably the most universally flattering length on any woman. Longer lengths cut you mid-calf and can have a shortening effect, and shorter lengths can sometimes end up being too short. Read more about my outfit adventures, check me out at

Who says that dresses can only be worn for fancy occasions? A chambray shirt dress is the perfect item that can be dressed up for dinner, down for errands, and even paired over a bathing suit in the hot summer months. For this full look and more dress tips, head over to my blog Sealed With Style.  

My search obsession lately has been for vintage or retro dresses. I was so happy to find this one which just happens to be my ideal. It's modest, I absolutely love the pockets, perfect cinched waist, and the only altering I had to do was cut out the shoulder pads (I never understood that fad... Hehe) Make sure to visit Run Style Run ( for more details on my outfit.

I love the functionality of the maxi dress and that it's flattering on all different shapes and sizes. Pair it with some funky flats, a side braid, and a hat for a bohemian look or some wedges, a clutch, and an up-do for an evening look; the possibilities are endless.

I realized, after much digging, that we don't do dresses very often! I love a dress, don't get me wrong, I love to buy them, re-fashiom them, and make them... but i rarely ever wear them! i think i get blocked by the idea of "less is more" i mean, isn't it true that the dress really is the outfit? {so that throws our  whole "more is more" theory right out the window!} i also have this OCD fear of repeating myself... every time you wear that dress it a repeat! Am I right?! So what the heck is wrong with that?? I love this freaking dress and I AM gonna wear it again! ...I'll just probably change my hair, makeup, necklace AND shoes... what can I say, I'm a creature of habit.... and by habit, I mean crazy... all kinds of crazy!

"A dress has always been my strongest suit", I absolutely agree! I've never feel more confident than when I'm wearing a dress. I love dressing it down with denim and fun accessories. See more from this outfit here.

Monday, June 24, 2013

WEEK 1 - Mixing Prints

Welcome to Week One of the competition. This week Fashionistas challenge was Mixing Prints!
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"Go bold or go home" is often my moto. I love print mixing and sometimes I go a little overboard. I thought that was the case with this outfit, but I ended up loving it later. See more HERE
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 Mixing prints is all about confidence. Pick an item with a print you love, but most of all that you love on you! Once you are confident in one print pairing it with another is no big deal. This striped skirt is one of my go-to items - see how I create a business professional look for work here. Because I love how it looks so much I feel like I can pair it with any item for any look. See more about this outfit here


Print mixing is one of those things that fashion magazines often make sound more intimidating than they actually are. It’s really quite simple. In this outfit, I stuck with a similar color palette and played with the scale of prints by combining a small polka dot with a larger floral. This is only one of many ways to pull together a great print mixing outfit, and you can look here to find other tips for print mixing and some fantastic examples from other bloggers.

Sometimes mixing prints can be challenging, but you can never go wrong with stripes and leopard. My trick for mixing patterns is to incorporate a print into your shoe or handbag so it's not overpowering the other print. For more styling tips and to see this full outfit post, head over to my blog Sealed With Style.

 Little House on the Prairie meets the 21st Century...hehe. I like this look because it is unique, comfortable, and ties in a few of my favorite pieces. Visit  Run Style Run for more details on my thrifty mixed print outfit. I also just did the Mixed prints theme for a Coast to Coast challenge I like to participate with through instagram  HERE.(floral, leopard, and polkadot)

One of the easiest prints to mix are stripes, I went for a very subtle mixed print look and unified my outfit by color. You can do a fair share of mixing stripes with pretty much everything from, polka dots, animal print, floral print, and even other stripes! I believe that pattern mixing is in the eye of the beholder and that anyone can wear mixed prints. Visit Dearest Lou to see more of my outfits.

Hey it's Selina, sister #1 from Sisters4. Sophie and I love mixing prints over on our bloggity blog, but of the four of us I would nominate Sophie as the print mixing queen... she always manages to thrift these grandma prints that she will expertly mix with a modern print and, poof! ...I am stealing her outfit! What are sisters for am I right?
So, do you want to know the secret? Well, OUR secret! We just pretend!
We start with one print and "pretend" it's either jeans, or a white tee (depending on if its a top or a bottom) it immediately cancels out your fear of print! I mean, you have to be a serious pretender, but it totally makes you brave! Come visit us and see what other shenanigans we're up to on
~ Selina, Sophie, Livi & Elise

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Mega from "Dress up on a Cloudy Day"

Pink Scallops and Stripes-7 
 Hi! I’m Mega from Dress Up on a Cloudy Day! My name means clouds, and I always like to describe myself as sunrise and sunset clouds: bright, filled with color, and always a little unexpected.   Colorblocking with Cobalt-3 
 I’m a recent college graduate who has a passion for fashion and medicine, which may sound a little unexpected, but I think getting dressed is such an essential part of one’s life, and I love to express myself with my clothing choices. Gold Isn't So Bad After All-3
 I’m happiest in colorful and fun clothing and
I love to experiment with my appearance (I recently got bangs!).
Tie-dye Jeans - A Happy Accident-2
Well that’s a little taste of me, and if you’d like to know more check out my 5 things about me blog post, my Instagram, and/or Pinterest! I'm so excited to begin this contest :D


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet Meaghann from "Sealed With Style"

Fashion fanatic? Me too!

 Hey everyone I’m Meaghann from the personal style blog, Sealed With Style. 

 Just like you, I love fashion and am always inspired by personal style. 

 At Sealed With Style you will find my daily looks, favorite shopping items (at incredible prices), and tips and tricks for looking your very best everyday. 

Stop by to chat about personal style and see all things fashion. Can’t wait to meet you! xo
Instagram: meaghannbendis
Twitter: @SealedWithStyle 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Brandi from Run Style Run

My name is Brandi.
I blog over at Run Style Run

I'm a certified personal trainer and always love helping others see their own potential.  I enjoy staying active through running and dancing. I have run five full marathons (26.2 miles) as well as a few half marathons and I participate on a ballroom dance team.

I love thrift stores, consignment shops, antique stores, and sale racks. I'm known as a "thrifter" who loves the thrill of the hunt. It is so fun to search among old trash to find old and new treasures at a fraction of the cost. 

I like to fill my wardrobe with flowy tops, vests,  maxi skirts, neutrals with a pop of red, boho hats and bags, and anything vintage or retro.

On my blog I share just a little bit of everything! My day to day activities as well as my treasure hunting and exercise routines. So come on over and step into my thrifted shoes!  I look forward to joining the Modest Fashionistas! Beijos

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Cecilia of Dearest Lou

Hello! I'm Cecilia, a life and style blogger coming to you from SLC, Utah!  

Dearest Lou is my personal outlet for all things going on in my life, however, its main focus is my personal thrifty style.

My blog acts as a motivation for me to get dressed every day, try new styles, and as a place to see my style change and grow along with my blog.  

After having Zaden and becoming a mom it's been harder than ever before to find time for myself and get ready everyday. I also have the challenge of finding outfits that are nursing friendly and that fit my new figure.

I'm so excited to be apart of Reality Blogger with all of these amazing ladies.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet Sisters 4 Say More is More

We are 4 real life sisters with a passion for serious style, without spending serious money! 

Living all over the country, from MI to TX to UT and CA... we believe that style doesn't cost anything and we have set out to prove it! Doing whatever it takes to get the look we want including making it ourselves!

Between the four of us there are 2 dance moms, a dance teacher, a fashion student, a makeup artist, a military wife, a Elementary Principal's wife, a recent high school grad, an artist, 4 shoe addicts, 2 lipstick hoarders, a classically trained singer, a singer-songwriter, 4 jewelry designers, 4 sewing enthusiasts, at least 2 professional dinner destroyers, 2 of us have weird food sensitivities, 1 is sometimes vegan, all 4 of us wear the same shoe size, all four of us make a killer "duh" face.... i could go on for days...

there are 13 years between sister #1 and sister #4 and when you get us all in a room together we are rather ridiculous... i know i am biased, but i think we are freaking hilarious... {my nostrils never cease to flare when i am around these weirdos...}

we are excited to have been asked to join up in this style adventure...

* * * * * * * * * * *

and we are excited to have them

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Deidre from "Love, The Skinnys"

My name is Deidre (pronounced Dee-druh) and I blog over at Love, The Skinnys.

On occasion you will see posts pop up from my husband, Adam, as well. We blog about anything that comes into our lives – fashion, food, and fun included. Want a little more about us?

Adam plays baseball and I do pageants- which is where my passion for fashion developed.

We like to think of ourselves as the all-American couple. We both like adventure and to make funny face. But the part about Adam and me? We are in love.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Gentri Lee

 My name is Gentri Lee, I am a Makeup Artist, Stylist, Creative Director, and Blogger. I blog about life, style, travel, and whatever makes me happy. I love mountains, foxes, road trips, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the color taupe.
While I love dressing up and looking fancy, I am a mountain girl at heart. I love camping, hiking, and being outdoors. 
 I feel I am a happy person who wants to be a friend to everyone I meet.
I am excited to be included in this project, thank you for reading!

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