Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WEEK 5 - Polka Dots

So many fun ways to wear POLKA DOTS! Which is your favorite? Vote on the left column now!

Polka dots are so easy for me to love. These polka dot jeans I found at Walmart of all places and find them so easy to wear with anything! I love mixing prints or just wearing a basic tee with them. They add that extra umph to an otherwise very basic scheme.

Polka dots are easily one of my favorite prints to wear. Polka dots are one of the easiest prints to pull off and are appropriate for all ages. I'm personally a fan of small white polka dots as you can see in my fedora and blouse.

So apparently I don't own a dot to save my life!!! I borrowed this dotted number from my mother, who years ago stole it out of my closet... {I might steal it back} I feel a polka dot is as good as a neutral... Wear them with everything! ~Selina

Polka Dots- such a classic and timeless print. I feel that it was the perfect print for this vintage style dress. Blog * Instagram * Facebook * Pinterest

Most of my polka items are a little more loose fitted, that way the dots don't stretch weird depending on where it lands on my body. Besides that little tidbit, when I wear polka dots I like to keep my other items of clothing simple and solid. Polka dot top? Solid colored leggings. Polka dot skirt? Simple coordinating top. Let the dots speak for themselves!

I'm a total polka dot girl. It's a very versatile print that can add a lot of dimension to almost any outfit. Here I paired a neutral polka dot cardigan with some bright jeans for a little extra pop! See all the different ways I incorporate polka dots into my outfits here on my blog!

Dots and denim? Count me in! I love polka dots; they can make any outfit fun and a little quirky. I love this chambray shirt with polka dots because it can go with literally anything, all year round! Now that's my kind of shirt! Check out this full look on my blog, Sealed With Style.

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